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Clear tape adds a protective layer over decorative tape. It is perfectly clear and allows the design to show through! But there are a few things you NEED TO KNOW!!!:

  1. It does NOT render a hoop invulnerable! Your hoop will still take damage over time. Dropping or rolling hoop on concrete can wear through both the clear and the decorative tapes in a single incident!
  2. Adding clear tape does not guarantee your hoop against damage.
  3. Adding clear tape is NOT an advantage on bare hoops or hoops with grip tape. In fact, adding clear over grip tape will look odd and remove the benefit of the grippiness. Yay! You just saved money!
  4. If a tape needs a band of clear tape to hold down the cut ends, I do that without any need to specially request it. You only need to add this if you want your entire hoop covered in clear tape.
  5. This listing adds a layer of clear tape to a hoop in your order. This may not be ordered separately, and it is NOT for a roll of tape.

If you are ordering multiple hoops, please indicate which hoop you would like clear-taped. If you would like more than one hoops in this order to be clear-taped, increase the quantity of this add-on to match the number of hoops you want covered.


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