Frozen, Intermediate/Kids 30″


These Creekside Hoops are designed around Disney’s Frozen characters!



These Creekside Hoops are designed around Disney’s Frozen characters! They are sized for adults or kids at 30″ diameter of 1/2″ PE and have a push button closure that can be opened to coil down the hoop for easier travel or storage. If you want a different size, please indicate the diameter in the notes. If the hoop you want is out of stock, place a backorder and it will be custom made. Custom hoops will take 1-2 weeks to ship. Exact tapes may vary slightly, but the combinations are as follows:

  • The Olaf hoop features Olaf printed, glittery silver, and white tapes.
  • The Sisters hoop is made with Anna & Elsa printed tape and sky blue tapes.
  • The Anna hoop uses Anna & Elsa printed, magenta, and true blue tapes.
  • The Elsa hoop combines the Anna & Elsa print with white, blue, and shattered glass silver tapes.

If you are familiar with hooping, you will love the care I put into each of my hoops. If you are not, you may wonder why Creekside Hoops cost so much more than toy store hoops. Besides the craftsmanship, you are getting a much sturdier hoop than you will find in toy stores. PE tubing made in the USA is joined with quality materials, not a staple joining cheap plastic made overseas.

This hoop is a good size for petite, advanced, or child hoopers, or adults practicing off-body moves. The smaller the difference between the diameter of the hoop and the diameter of the hooper, the faster you have to move to keep it going. You can always push yourself to speed up a larger hoop, but each hoop has a certain “minimum speed” below which it will fall. This hoop is ideal for performance hoopdance too.

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Weight .9 lbs

Olaf, Sisters, Anna, Elsa