Fully Taped Push button collapsible, custom size 25-42″ OD



Some tapes are so gorgeous, you want to cover the world in them! Or at least a hoop. Here are my most in-demand tapes, ready to go solo!



Some tapes are so gorgeous, you want to cover the world in them! Or at least a hoop. Here are my most in-demand tapes, ready to go solo!

Your hoop will be completely covered in the tape of your choice, with minimal overlap and a smooth push-button connection. Please be mindful that deco tapes will last longer if you avoid drops on concrete, asphalt, and other hard, rough surfaces. See terms. If you would like your hoop covered in clear tape, please add one “clear tape” listing for each hoop you’d like covered.

HDPE and polypro Creekside Hoops are a bit lighter, faster, and more responsive than PE Creekside Hoops. My connections are smooth and strong, with a rivet on one side and push button on the other for easy travel. Just pop open, coil down, and go.

I have two thicknesses of tube to offer at this time. 3/4″ is a great size for on-body hooping, but is still light enough for tricks and off-body hooping. If you are a fitness hooper moving into lighter materials, this is a great choice.  5/8″ is thinner and lighter, and very quick for tricks and off-body work. If you are an advanced hooper, or if you want a hoop that is easy on your hands, this size is ideal. Not sure whether you’d like polypro or HDPE better? Check out this article.

This listing is for your choice of size from 25-42″ outer diameter. If you prefer that I measure by the inner diameter, say so in the comments. My default is to work in OD. If you want a hoop larger than 42″, please contact me for a custom listing. A small increase in price will be necessary. If you want a hoop smaller than 25″ outer diameter, please see my listing for minis. Please keep in mind that 5/8″ tubing is very thin and at large diameters the hoop will seem “floppy”. I recommend not exceeding 35″ for a 5/8″ tubing, although I will make them for you if you want. But I will not take returns on 5/8″ hoops over 35″ diameter. (Thanks for understanding!)

Additional information

Weight .9 lbs
Dimensions 24 x 24 x 2 in

25", 26", 27", 28", 29", 30", 31", 32", 33", 34", 35", 36", 37", 38", 39", 40", 41", 42"


Phoenix, Ouroboros, Siren, Siren Sparkle, Faerie, Golden Mirror, Silver Mirror, Copper Mirror, Hematite Mirror, Papaya Morph, Pineapple Morph, Silver Shattered Glass, Trippy, Silver Sequin, Gold Sequin, Black Galaxy Sequin, Red Sequin, Orchid Sequin, Pale Orchid Sequin, Purple Sequin, Coral Prism, Emerald Prism, Royal Blue Prism, Teal Mermaid, Magenta Mermaid, Orange Hoopios, Yellow Hoopios

Tube thickness

5/8", 3/4"


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