Indigo Sunrise 38″ Kids or Intermediate


Indigo Sunrise is deservedly my most popular finish! I have ONE 38″ hoop ready to ship!

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Gorgeous color morph tapes transform the colors beneath! Indigo Sunrise is deservedly my most popular finish!

I have ONE hoop ready to ship! It is white 3/4″ HDPE covered in Indigo Sunrise with an OD of just under 38″, and it is shown in the pictures. Enjoy a much faster turnaround time with this ready-to-ship hoop!

If you would like to add a strip of grip tape around the inside of the hoop, please state in the comments which color tape you would prefer. It would look great with UV pink, purple, UV blue, or teal, but I also have red, UV yellow, UV orange, UV green, dark green, burgundy, and black. If you do not put a color in the comment, I will assume you prefer no grip tape and will ship it as is.

HDPE Creekside Hoops are a bit lighter, faster, and more responsive than taped PE Creekside Hoops. A great alternative to polypro, HDPE will not crack in low temperatures! My connections are smooth and strong, with a rivet on one side and push button on the other for easy travel.

A note on push button collapsibles: Your hoop will arrive with the push button connection opened and the hoop coiled smaller than its normal diameter. Remove any tape or zip ties and leave it open until it has come to room temperature before opening to full size and connecting the ends. To travel with your hoop, you can open the button and coil the hoop, starting at the center, and working gently to not overstress the hoop. (See Terms.) It may be possible to coil a larger hoop double so that the ends meet again, in which case you can secure it by snapping the ends together, BUT hoops smaller than about 36″ in diameter should NOT be coiled down that tightly! If in doubt, do not force it, but coil down only as far as is necessary and possible for your hoop and secure with tape or zip ties instead.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 24 x 24 x 2 in