Make it a Convertible Hoop/Triquetra


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Some hoops can be made in three sections that can be configured as a hoop or a triquetra! Not only is this impressively cool and versatile, but it packs up small for travel. There are a few things YOU NEED TO KNOW!!!:

  1. You must order a hoop made from HDPE, Polypro, or Intermediate/Kids PE tubing. It can be taped or not, 3/4″ or 5/8″ (it looks a little more “knobby-kneed” in 5/8″ as a triquetra than as shown here in 3/4″). This ensures that I build the hoop right, that you pay the right price, and that I have enough tube and tape on hand to do your order start to finish.
  2. You must order a PUSH-BUTTON HOOP. This add-on canNOT be used on infinity collapsibles or permanently closed hoops, such as minis.
  3. You must choose a diameter for your hoop that is between 28″ and 36″. The size of the hoop determines the size of the triquetra.
  4. You must order a hoop. This is an ADD-ON, not a hoop, and may not be ordered separately.
  5. This add-on CAN be combined with the Clear Protective Add-on and/or the Clear Grip Add-on, but not the 2-in-1 Add-on.
  6. Store in the hoop configuration and flat whenever possible. If stored in the triquetra configuration, the tubing will take on a slight twist and make your hoop wonky until you flatten it. You can flatten the hoop by letting it rest on the floor with weight on top of it (I use books).
  7. YES, you can choose a different color for each segment! Here’s how: Purchase the hoop you want in one of the colors you want. Then in the notes on your order, tell me which other two colors you want to include. Be sure you are a) choosing from only one material type (don’t mix polypro, HDPE, and/or PE) b) choosing from only one diameter of tubing (don’t mix 3/4″ and 5/8″), and c) if there are price differences between your color choices, you need to purchase the higher priced option (this should only happen if white/natural HDPE or polypro is one of your color choices and the others are colored HDPE or polypro). If there’s any difficulty with your order, I will contact you, so be sure to give me an email address that you check.

If you are ordering multiple hoops, please indicate which hoop you would like made convertible. If you would like more than one hoop in this order to be convertible, increase the quantity of this add-on to match the number of hoops you want converted.


Additional information

Weight .4 lbs
Size difference

Subtract 1" Diameter, Subtract 2" Diameter, Subtract 3" Diameter, Subtract 4" Diameter, Subtract 5" Diameter, Subtract 6" Diameter

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