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Some hoops can be made so that removing a small extension piece gives you a second smaller size! This is a great option for growing kids or developing hoopdancers who are working on downsizing. I like the option so I can bring one hoop with me and be read for on and off body work. There are a few things YOU NEED TO KNOW!!!:

  1. You must order a hoop in the LARGER SIZE. This ensures that I build the hoop right, that you pay the right price, and that I have enough tube and tape on hand to do your order start to finish.
  2. You must order a PUSH-BUTTON HOOP. This add-on canNOT be used on infinity collapsibles or permanently closed hoops, such as minis.
  3. You must choose a diameter difference. That means how many inches the removal of the segment will SUBTRACT from the diameter of the hoop you ordered. If you want a 28″ and 31″ option, for instance, you will need to order a 31″ hoop and choose Subtract 3″.
  4. You must order a hoop. This is an ADD-ON, not a hoop, and may not be ordered separately.
  5. You should realize that the connections may be less than perfectly flush in one of the two configurations. Because a flush connection is dependent on the curve of the tube where it meets, and that curve will be slightly different when a circle is made smaller or larger, you might have a tiny gap in one configuration. I will not send you a gap large enough to pinch or be visible while the hoop is in use! I strive for as near perfect connections as I can.

If you are ordering multiple hoops, please indicate which hoop you would like converted to a two-in-one. If you would like more than one hoops in this order to be 2-in-1, increase the quantity of this add-on to match the number of hoops you want converted.

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