Excited about our new colors but not needing a whole roll? You can pre-order your hoop now!

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Excited about our new colors but not needing a whole roll? You can pre-order your hoop now!

Colors shown are best matches to the anticipated color of the tubing. Since it hasn’t been produced yet, I can’t supply actual photographs of the finished product. Please keep in mind that monitors may display colors differently.

Your hoop will be handmade, like all Creekside Hoops, as soon as the tubing arrives. (ETA late February) Hoops 24″ or smaller will have a permanent riveted join; hoops 25″ or larger will have a push button closure.

Payments made on pre-orders will be held in PayPal until manufacturing begins. If we cannot meet our minimums to place the order, we will return your money to you (including any prepaid shipping).

I offer four finishing options at no extra charge. 1) Your hoop can come to you smooth and shiny as the day it was born. Nothing but it’s own beautiful color. 2) I can sand the inside of the hoop for increased grip. Some hoopers don’t like the feel or the inevitably decline of grip tape, and find sanding gives just the right added friction to a naked hoop. 3) I can put a ring of grip tape on the inside edge of the hoop, as shown on the pink hoop pictured above. 4) I can spiral grip tape around the hoop, giving a candy cane stripe effect. All grip tapes are 1/2″ wide, and there are many colors in stock, including UV reactive colors that will glow under black light. Want a more elaborate tape job? Contact me for a custom order!

A note on push button collapsibles: Your hoop will arrive with the push button connection opened and the hoop coiled smaller than its normal diameter. Remove any tape or zip ties and leave it open until it has come to room temperature before opening to full size and connecting the ends. To travel with your hoop, you can open the button and coil the hoop, starting at the center, and working gently to not overstress the hoop. (While Creekside Hoops are much sturdier than toy store hoops, they can still be bent or broken.) It may be possible to coil a larger hoop double so that the ends meet again, in which case you can secure it by snapping the ends together, BUT hoops smaller than about 36″ in diameter should NOT be coiled down that tightly! If in doubt, do not force it, but coil down only as far as is necessary and possible for your hoop and secure with tape or zip ties instead.

Please note the sizes, materials, and colors carefully. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have!

Additional information

Weight .9 lbs
Pre-order tubing

Polypro Loki Green Metallic 5/8", Polypro Loki Green Metallic 3/4", Polypro UV Twilight (Lavender with teal iridescence) 5/8", Polypro UV Twilight (Lavender with teal iridescence) 3/4", Polypro UV Teal Translucent 5/8", Polypro UV Teal Translucent 3/4", HDPE Turquoise Metallic 5/8", HDPE Turquoise Metallic 3/4", HDPE Amethyst Metallic 5/8", HDPE Amethyst Metallic 3/4", HDPE Lapiz Lazuli Blue Metallic 5/8", HDPE Lapiz Lazuli Blue Metallic 3/4"

Hoop Diameter

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Inner tape black, Inner tape bright blue, Inner tape brown, Inner tape burgundy, Inner tape dark blue, Inner tape dark green, Inner tape grey, Inner tape purple, Inner tape red, Inner tape tan, Inner tape teal, Inner tape UV blue, Inner tape UV green, Inner tape UV orange, Inner tape UV pink, Inner tape UV yellow, Inner tape white, None, Sanded inner, Spiral tape black, Spiral tape bright blue, Spiral tape brown, Spiral tape burgundy, Spiral tape dark blue, Spiral tape dark green, Spiral tape grey, Spiral tape purple, Spiral tape red, Spiral tape tan, Spiral tape teal, Spiral tape UV blue, Spiral tape UV green, Spiral tape UV orange, Spiral tape UV pink, Spiral tape UV yellow, Spiral tape white


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