Reflective HDPE/Polypro Hoop


By day: a shiny, colorful hoop with an intriguing geometric pattern. By night: a brilliant reflector of your brilliant flow!



By day: a shiny, colorful hoop with an intriguing geometric pattern. By night: a brilliant reflector of your brilliant flow!

Reflective tape comes in several grades, and I’ve chosen DOT high-intensity daybright to throw lots of light back at camera flashes, headlights, and fire wicks! The tape is super tough and fire resistant too, adding some protection for your hoop if you add quick wicks. (Please note that the clear or translucent tape on the outside is not fire-resistant.) Take incredible flash pictures and videos, like this one by Sponsored Creekside Hooper, Jennifer Clair:

You can choose polypro or HDPE tubing in 5/8″ or 3/4″ (Jennifer is using 5/8″ HDPE) and a single or two spiraled colors. Hoops in sizes 25-40″ come with a push-button closure. Jennifer’s hoop is a custom pattern of Ocean Flash and Indigo Flash. I also offer Honey Flash, Magenta Flash, and Sunset Flash. These are all translucent tapes over silver reflective tape for maximum reflectivity.

All reflective tapes come double taped because I feel like the adhesive on the reflective tape tends to bleed otherwise.  (If you find that the edges are getting gunky, in spite of the double taping, excess adhesive is best removed with a clean, dry cloth, such as a microfiber cleaning cloth or lint-free rag. It just takes some determined rubbing.) If you order a solid color, that means your hoop will have clear protective tape on it, unless you request otherwise. If you order a morph, pearl, or sparkle color, the morph/pearl/sparkle IS the second layer of tape, but you can add-on clear protective tape over that if you want (but that is a LOT of tape and you will likely feel the weight). Pearl colors have a lightly pebbled texture.

Reflective tape is flame resistant and reflects firelight as well as camera flashes, so it is a great choice for adding wicks or just to take camping! But keep in mind that the clear/morph/pearl/sparkle layer of tape, the connectors, and the tubing itself is not flame resistant. If you plan to attach wicks, that might be a situation in which you would prefer to order solid colors only and request no clear coat.

Got another layering you’d like to see? Contact me about a custom order.

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Weight .9 lbs
Hoop Diameter

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Reflective Colors

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5/8" HDPE, 5/8" polypro, 3/4" HDPE, 3/4" polypro


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